Posted by on February 10, 2007 
Was the Zephyr that short on a regular basis? Nice photo!
Posted by Drew Jacksich on February 10, 2007 
As I recall, there was an equipment shortage at that time as the Desert Wind and the Pioneer were still in operation. I have never been one to keep exact stats on the consist of trains I shoot, but it appears that this train has only one sleeper (behind the diner) and no sightseer lounge. The the Material Handling Cars up front would indicate that the train was operating on a daily schedule at the time and had not yet been cut to three days a week.
Posted by Ian Jancoski on February 15, 2007 
Through out the mid 90s before the Desert wind and Pioneer were cut the Zephyr always ran with five Superliners. Usually one of each, but there was a short time when they didn't have a Lounge Cafe but a Coach-lounge, which seemed to change quickly!
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