Posted by Chris Paulhamus on February 20, 2007 
Neat shot, Aaron. It seems weird to see a trestle snake like that!
Posted by Jason Day on February 21, 2007 
What is the Lower Track and who does/did it belong to Aaron? Great picture
Posted by xrayguy on February 21, 2007 
That lower track leads to the UP Autorack facility and a grain elevator. Great shot Aaron you're going to have to show me how you got to that position.
Posted by Aaron Florin on February 21, 2007 
For the record, I am on public property.
Posted by TOYOTA on February 21, 2007 
Dual Flag units that bright and clean are rare. These must have been some of the last painted.
Posted by Paul OGara on February 21, 2007 
Very nice! This scene may be a memory in the near future with the Ford Plant set to close. Both CP units are former Milwaukee's!
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