Posted by Erik Nelsen on February 25, 2007 
How do they throw that switch? Is the stand over by the side walk?
Posted by Erik Nelsen on February 25, 2007 
Cool pic. too, btw!
Posted by Jeffrey Weeks on February 25, 2007 
I believe there are a couple of ways to throw switches in the street, one way is a long bar that you use to just move the track over, and another is a full switch in the ground.
Posted by Mike Bjork on February 26, 2007 
Great street running shot. Nice lookin' vintage locomotive!
Posted by Bob Avery on February 26, 2007 
Superb street running shot. Interesting that the track gauge appears to vary !
Posted by Jason Day on February 26, 2007 
A Beautiful Street Railway Operations Shot. Looks to be the remains of an old switch and the frog was not taken out. When it comes to gauge, just as long as its 56 and a half inchs, its all good
Posted by Rob Schreiner on February 26, 2007 
In this case the switch is all underground, encased in a steel box, the conductor has to lift open a door to reach the lever. Thank you for the comments.
Posted by Greg Rourke on February 26, 2007 
Too bad we won't be seeing this scene any more. I understand Peerless closed, or is closing, plus CN no longer owns this branch.
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