Posted by Mitch Goldman on February 26, 2007 
Nice pacing shot, Ron! I say that becasue you've been uploading pics to RP for years and still have great shots like these comming.
Posted by Mark Rosnick on February 26, 2007 
Great shot Ron!!!! You're right, this could easily pass for 1957
Posted by Bob Avery on February 27, 2007 
Terrific! The world's most beautiful steam locomotive - and that's from an Englishman! Come on NS - it just ain't the same in a museum.
Posted by Bart Davis on February 27, 2007 
I agree. I am so glad so many folks caught this engine in action before it was mothballed. Maybe VTM could sell 611 like they did NKP 763 so 611 can quit rusting and get back on the road.
Posted by Allen Bunn on July 13, 2007 
Great Photo! NS needs to get 611 out of a museum and back on the rails.
Posted by Peyton Gupton on September 25, 2010 
Wow that's gotta be the best photo of 611 from her career with NS!
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