Posted by BNSF SAMMY on March 2, 2007 
Incrediable series of photos, Michael! This has got to be one of the finest.
Posted by W. D. Shaw on March 2, 2007 
Yup, I agree with Sammy. The composition of this one just kicks, and everything else is stellar! PC vote for sure!
Posted by Richard Stevens on March 2, 2007 
Same ingredients as another recent great shot (177353), different day, different weather, different interpretation, but equally impressive result. I love the way the exhaust trails away until it appears to blend into the mountain.
Posted by Pete Lerro - on March 2, 2007 
Im definitely liking the white smoke trail. How cold was it there?
Posted by Nscalemike on March 2, 2007 
Michael, the "way-back" machine was working overtime to make this image work! Nicely done
Posted by John Higginson on March 2, 2007 
Absolutely fantastic!!!
Posted by Matthew Grim on March 2, 2007 
I love the shot! Strong composition and beautiful subject! A work of art!
Posted by Tim Darnell on March 3, 2007 
This is my first comment, and worth it! I'm not a huge steam fan, but this caught my eye. Beautiul image!!!
Posted by Valter Jacinto on March 3, 2007 
Absolutely Fantastic! -------------------------- Greetings from Portugal
Posted by gfh on March 3, 2007 
A work of art indeed. I had to do a double take to convince myself it was not a painting.
Posted by Mark Rosnick on March 3, 2007 
Spectacular photo Michael!!!!
Posted by Michael F. Allen on March 3, 2007 
Thanks for all the great comments. I'm from Flint, Michigan, where they used to make Buicks, so I really liked the way this shot turned out. Sort of reminds me of a 1953 new car ad.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 4, 2007 
I'll echo Richard Stevens thoughts, the fog and location of the cross buck in the earlier shot, now removed?, was wild, but this photo has it's own unique appeal. The trail of the plume is just wild!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on March 6, 2007 
Timeless moment captured. Awesome shot Micheal and congrats on POTW!!
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on March 7, 2007 
Congrats and well deserved POTW!
Posted by John Blair on March 7, 2007 
Very good shot Michael.
Posted by Trevor Harris on March 8, 2007 
Great shot. I can't say much more but agree with everyone else.
Posted by Tom Ketcham on March 8, 2007 
It is an unusual feeling to approach a crossing that is free of gates, lights and bells. The train gets closer in a sort of quiet way almost pulling you toward it and you feel suddenly vulnerble, it makes you respect them more much like seeing a hunter out in you back forty. Terrific shot I just love being out west in big sky country.
Posted by Kenster1025 on March 8, 2007 
Man that really satisfies my eyes. You should make sure this photo never gets lost.
Posted by Jason Cross on March 9, 2007 
A stunning compostition and well worthy of POTW. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Charlie O on March 12, 2007 
If the highest goal of the artist is to portray what we feel, more than what we see, you have succeeded mightily!
Posted by Thomas Mik on March 13, 2007 
Posted by Railfan2006 on March 16, 2007 
Absolutely Beautiful! This looks like it was taken way back in time! Stunning!
Posted by Loyd Lowry on March 19, 2007 
I find myself coming back to this photo almost daily! Great shot!
Posted by John, Greensburg, PA on March 26, 2007 
Absolutely a Classic. At first, I thought it was a painting! Definitely belongs on a calendar! I just love the photos on this site and bookmarked it as soon as I stumbled upon it. Top notch photography everywhere on this site!
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on February 17, 2008 
Looking at the Detailed Photo History link for this image, it looks like has given this image over 42,000 hits. WOW could that be correct? I've never thought about using a service like that before, but it sure looks like it gets the word out. I hope you're making a few bucks off this image, once again I'll say its a really great one!
Posted by Kyle Tribianni on February 22, 2008 
Beautiful shot, Michael. 618 knows how to put on a nice show.
Posted by Burlington Route Zephyrs on June 10, 2008 
Amazing photo!
Posted by Chris on September 25, 2008 
Beautiful shot Michael! One in a million shot you took.
Posted by Matthew Flerlage on November 2, 2008 
Great Picture beautiful sky, steam and a classy car with a classy lady.
Posted by Sanky on January 2, 2009 
Beautiful shot! I'm not a huge steam engine lover and I think it's great. There's a reason it's most viewed of all time. Excellent!
Posted by Carl Becker on January 3, 2009 
That Buick is now for sale.
Posted by David Wheeler on January 30, 2009 
Congrats on Being #1 of all time on
Posted by Donald Haskel on June 12, 2009 
To be number one on Railpictures and have it hold up this long is amazing. If you had taken this same shot in 1953 you would not get this level of sophistication in color or image quality. This image has a universal appeal to it. Snow old car, old train. It is the face of Christmas Card. Thank you Michael Allen and Annie Bruehl.
Posted by A Gorrie on June 24, 2009 
You cant get much more perfect than that ! Its Brilliant
Posted by Vic Saunders on July 9, 2010 
I was just at the Heber Valley today, and ran a tourist train behind a former UP NW2 Switcher. The 618 is laid up, awaiting its FRA required overhaul. Heber Valley is short of some $$$ to get No. 75 (Former Great Western) 2-6-2 and the 618 done right away, so if you'd like to see the old girls back on the rails sooner than later, send the Heber Valley Railroad a few bucks. Every dollar helps!
Posted by Derek Stewart on October 30, 2010 
First of all, I think this is a good photo. But, why do my photos get rejected when the #1 photo on Railpics barely has any sun on the locomotive or the car?
Posted by Robert on April 14, 2011 
This photo could be a postcard...beautiful
Posted by Greg Hool on November 22, 2011 
Congrats on Quadratec using your photo with the Jeep in place of the Buick for their Winter catalogue cover. This is defiantly a photo to go down in the history books. It get's more beautiful every time I see it.
Posted by on January 13, 2012 
Just like those 1930s RR safety posters, only not being hit and smashed to bits!
Posted by oldninjadude on October 31, 2012 
WOW! This must be what it looks like to travel back in time. Fantastic shot.
Posted by 297085005 on March 9, 2013 
i always thought that this was a painting but no mater what this is an amazing shot
Posted by Vitor on March 25, 2013 
Wonderful image. Almost back to fifties.
Posted by Andrey Moiseenkov on March 31, 2013 
Amazing photo! A long time dream to make a similar photo in Moscow, Russia
Posted by Andreas Gebauer on June 26, 2014 
Amazing shot! Definitely one of my favorites of all time
Posted by David Henry on August 20, 2014 
Simply stunning photo. Earns a favorite from me.
Posted by WarthogCC on January 14, 2017 
Even though I know this is a modern photo. The elements in the picture make you think someone went back in time with a modern camera. Very nice. I wish actual vintage photos were this colorful and of this quality! It would be amazing to see historical photographs like this.
Posted by Karl Johannsen on December 24, 2018 
Absolutely amazing photo!
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