Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on March 12, 2007 
Wow, Drew. You keep posting them, I'll keep being amazed by them.
Posted by Scott McCarthy on March 12, 2007 
Everytime I see Drew's shots from the 70's in my backyard, I want to go shoot how they look today....
Posted by Craig Walker on March 12, 2007 
I just passed over Altamont yesterday. Not much has changed ... except for the "California Zephyr" is long-gone, the WP is now UP, the SP tracks are gone, much of Altamont is covered in windmills and, with the lack of rain here in the west this year, the hills are not as green as in your shot. (OK ... I take it back ... a lot has changed!) Great shot!
Posted by Eric Sherrill on March 12, 2007 
This one just about brings tears to my eyes! Your photos never cease to amaze me. Keep 'em coming!
Posted by Edward P. Sarber on March 12, 2007 
AMAZING!!! Thank you for posting this photo for people like myself that missed out during this time period. Keep them coming!!!
Posted by Steve Zahn on March 12, 2007 
Drew, this is PCA material! One of the few shots I've seen of the eastbound CZ on Altamont. If you have more, please post them!
Posted by CaliforniaRailroader on March 12, 2007 
Beautiful shot Drew! I have ridden Amtrak's California Zephyr many times, and always love it, but I missed the WP one by about a year (I came along in Nov of 71). One question, why did the SP abandon their line over Altamont? Okay, one more, with the capacity crunch, you'd think UP would be rebuilding it!
Posted by Matt C. Batryn-Rodriguez on March 12, 2007 
Beautiful shot. There is nothing else I can say. Just beautiful. ~Matt
Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 12, 2007 
Oh, I see you've already recieved accolades for this stunner! Wow! Looks like the you eluded the rain keeper here! Absolutely stunning shot, a PTO canidate and PC choice for sure. Wow, again.
Posted by Ray Peacock on March 13, 2007 
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on March 14, 2007 
I too was just here last Sunday detouring off I-580 West driving home all of the Winterail equipment in the moving truck. Looks like there is a nice morning shot if you hike up here for this shot today. With the daytime Cal-P freight trains all currently detouring over Altamont right now, your odds of catching a freight in good sunlight are the best they have been since the WP days...
Posted by RichRock on March 16, 2007 
You have captured perfectly in a photo, the decade I wish I could have been old enough to remember as a railfan. Awesome!
Posted by on March 30, 2007 
Really neat Drew, I wasn't around to see railroading during this era, but your pics are allowing to appreciate it more and more.
Posted by Steve King on February 28, 2009 
I was a WPRR brakeman based in Portola, starting in July of 1970. The "real" California Zephyr ended in April of '70, so I unfortunately missed that era by 3 months. I did get a fair amount of time running in F units. This picture of yours is just 2 months before the end.
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