Posted by Kurt Clark on March 27, 2007 
"No, I said the LITTLE red dial!" Amazing view of 40s technology...would be great to see this beast on the tracks again, wouldn't it? Great shot!
Posted by Everywhere West on March 27, 2007 
Excellent shot! What lens did you use?
Posted by Lee Baxter on March 28, 2007 
Nice informative shot thanks Rob.
Posted by Anthony K Small on March 28, 2007 
Just show me the "key ignition" and we'll be running in no time flat, lol! But seriously, great photo showing a complex machine.
Posted by Chris Edwards on March 28, 2007 
That would be one hell of chore to work as a fireman on that. Even with a stoker, I imagine that is probably one of the most difficult engines to fire.
Posted by Erick Anderson on March 28, 2007 
From what I've read, they were actually easy to fire. UP had inexperienced crews on them sometimes during WWII because the regular crews had been drafted.
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