Posted by Everywhere West on April 21, 2007 
OH MAN that is Beautiful !
Posted by Jason Myers on April 21, 2007 
Awesome Shot!!!!!
Posted by Anthony K Small on April 21, 2007 
This is a nice, scenic postcard photo. Good Job !!!!
Posted by Tom Michele on April 21, 2007 
Take your thesaurus and use all of the words that go with spectatular, beautiful, awesome, classic, great and so on.......they all fit wonderfully. CONGRATULATIONS, and thanks.
Posted by Kostyn Dragut on April 21, 2007 
Great shot Spiros.Great view.Great work.
Posted by Carl Massart on April 21, 2007 
Very nice!! After looking at that shot for a while, it made me think of the movie "Where Eagles Dare". That setting looks exactly like the place in the movie when Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton made their assault on the "Eagles Nest". I'll vote for a PCA .
Posted by CalMike415 on April 21, 2007 
Very surreal!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on April 21, 2007 
Wow!!! Beautiful mountain backround and shot SpirosN.
Posted by chris davis on April 21, 2007 
Been here several times, but never come away with anything to match this photo. A very big 'well done'. Chris, UK
Posted by Anthony Monnier on April 21, 2007 
Just a precision, the ETR 470 belongs to Cisalpino SA, a company owned by the FS (Italian State Railways), CFF (Swiss Federal Railways) and the BLS SA (Bern L�tschberg Simplon Railway).
Posted by billnict on April 21, 2007 
My goodness! What a picture! If this doesn't get POTW, something is wrong.
Posted by Doddy on April 22, 2007 
I know this area very well, to get the sun capturing the entire valley lit up on both sides and into the distance is extremely good luck. I love this area, and have to say this is an exceptionally good photograph capturing the detail of the valley. Got any more like this SpirosN?
Posted by Doug Wolfe on April 22, 2007 
Posted by Nikos Kantiris on April 25, 2007 
Congratulation Niko. Very very nice Pic. Well done
Posted by npapaletsos on April 25, 2007 
Magnificent photo Spiro. This photo is the proof that a great railway picture must not nessecary have the train occupy most of the schene. I am so happy that this picture was not rejected due to . . . bad cropping. Congradulations again Spiro.
Posted by Joaquain Riveria on April 28, 2007 
Posted by Todd Treaster on April 28, 2007 
Absolutly awesome!!! That is one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen. I would like to visit someday and will.
Posted by Kurt Clark on May 1, 2007 
Oh man...that's the goods right there! Nice shot
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