Posted by Adam Weddle on April 26, 2007 
Nice shot!
Posted by Nicholas O Sullivan on April 26, 2007 
What the heck? When did those stripes get added? Nice shot btw!
Posted by Sam Davey on April 26, 2007 
Great shot Tony.
Posted by Ryan Cohick on April 27, 2007 
Those zebra stripes sure are different. Interestingly, the last photo posted of this loco was done so on 4/20, & there were no stripes...
Posted by RailfanAlex on April 27, 2007 
They musta added the stripes between April 20th and April 26th. Look at the last photo taken of NS 3010 taken April 20th 07. She doesn't have stripes!
Posted by on May 3, 2007 
Nice catch anthony. I guess the stripes on the plow are new?
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