Posted by Robert Benkovitz on June 18, 2003 
No fair - you illegally pulled over on the interstate to get this shot!! Well worth the risk I must say - nice work.
Posted by Gregory Weirich on July 30, 2003 
Love the shot!! Well worth the risk.
Posted by arnstg on February 25, 2004 
Amazing shot. Sad that out of 3400+ visits that so few people give you any credit for this great shot. Oh well, add me to the list of the few who thought it was great. Regards, Jerry
Posted by dnsommer on November 19, 2004 
Your photograph really is terrific. It should in a book, if it isn't in one already. If all the engines were in matching yellow paint, I'd bet UP would consider using this photo for as a publicity shot. It would be nice to know what kind of camera you used and the settings at the time and so forth!
Posted by J. Cataquet on January 14, 2007 
That would have been nice if a BNSF train were passing above. Great shot. The reflection on the water is also very nice. Great work Robert!
Posted by Joel Maye on May 27, 2007 
Crisp, well-framed shot. It needs to be in a UP calendar.
Posted by Burlington Route Zephyrs on June 10, 2008 
Posted by jrlarz on November 12, 2008 
Great photo in an even greater location. The 90MACH is no longer with us as I believe they all have had the tourch put to them. Jerry
Posted by Parker on February 17, 2009 
Very exellent Shot, too bad there wasn't a train going the other way on the above track. But outstanding photo one of the best I have seen.
Posted by Big D 965 on March 23, 2009 
I look at a lot of railroad pics and this by far is one of the best I've ever seen. GREAT JOB ! Will be looking for more.
Posted by Radford Bean on January 28, 2011 
Nice shot! Beautiful composition. The photo is superbly balanced, and you just have to love the reflection in the water. I would like to know where you safely parked off of I84 to take the shot? I might have to make the trip from McMinnville to try for a similar shot.
Posted by Peter Gootzen on March 18, 2011 
Amazing picture! Great scenery and I love the reflection in the water.
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