Posted by Dean Kaplan on May 3, 2007 
Great framing with these flowers Joe. Awesome shot.
Posted by Chris Starnes on May 3, 2007 
Nice work, Joe. Thanks for posting!
Posted by Doug Wolfe on May 4, 2007 
Good idea Joe. I'll give you a PC vote on this one.
Posted by R. Franz on May 4, 2007 
Excellent shot!
Posted by George W. Hamlin on May 4, 2007 
Excellent framing!
Posted by SeanK97 on May 4, 2007 
PCA baby, all the way!
Posted by on May 6, 2007 
Nice shot Joe! Perfect framing, way to take advantage of the seasons as they come!
Posted by Nick Hart on May 8, 2007 
Very nice, Joe! Congrats on POTW. This one got my PCA vote.
Posted by Joseph LeMay on May 8, 2007 
Wow, thanks for all the comments! I didn't expect this photo to be so popular. I'm just glad I was able to get it, because these trees only bloom for about 4 days, and last year they didn't bloom at all.
Posted by Andrew Kim on May 8, 2007 
I really like this shot. That is a really nice catch. That is my PCA Choice.
Posted by Adam Christman (Penn Rail Videos) on May 8, 2007 
Very pretty.
Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on May 8, 2007 
Hey Joe, congrats on POTW. Great pic!
Posted by Mike Bjork on May 9, 2007 
Great way to bring us into spring! Wonderful shot Joe, cool framing.
Posted by Mike May on May 9, 2007 
Nice photo of the week Joe.
Posted by Zach on May 9, 2007 
This picture makes my allergies act up.
Posted by Mathieu Tremblay on May 10, 2007 
That picture, although nice, almost gives me allergies =D
Posted by signmasters24 on May 10, 2007 
This is one of those rare photos that only happen when everything is right and someone has the talent to do something with it, great shot.
Posted by npapaletsos on May 11, 2007 
That is a great spring time frame. Congratulations for POW.
Posted by Robby Gragg on May 13, 2007 
Great shot, Joe. Congrats on POTW! Great job completely surrounding the engine with the blooming flowers! Makes for a interesting shot.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 14, 2007 
Excellent composition and perfect capture. The colors are perfect as is the sharpness of the image. Congrats, Joe, on a triple play, PC, POTW and SC!
Posted by Warren on May 14, 2007 
What a great shot! Congrats on winning the "Triple Crown"!
Posted by Kurt Clark on May 16, 2007 
It's all been said but I'll say it again...great shot!
Posted by Kevin Bleich on May 29, 2007 
Great Photo!!!
Posted by Sanky on October 31, 2010 
Wow, what a great idea!
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