Posted by Daniel Putz on May 5, 2007 
Unique shot. Funny how that thing just sprouted up right between the rails.
Posted by John West on May 5, 2007 
Those darn gum (we call them eucalyptus) trees sure grow fast. Here in California they keep my chain saw busy!
Posted by Nikko P on May 5, 2007 
The tracks actually don't look too bad. You could run the trains about 10mph or so. That reminds me of an old train track I once found. There was a weed growing in a crack running down the center of the rail. Talk about shabby!
Posted by on May 5, 2007 
When I first saw the thumbnail, I wondered where on the CSX system this shot was taken.
Posted by Michael F. Allen on May 5, 2007 
The rails even look shiny! A natural bumping post?
Posted by Doug Wolfe on May 6, 2007 
This could have been anywhere in the U.S. We could call it Tree Line Service.
Posted by Steve Wood on May 10, 2007 
So what do we classify this as - a Branch Line or a Tree Line? :-0
Posted by Bob Avery on May 12, 2007 
I thought it was either a trunk route, or a logging road.....
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