Posted by Bulldog on May 10, 2007 
Great shot of some nice looking locomotives Drew.
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on May 10, 2007 
Great lighting. Thanks for sharing this historic photo.
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on May 11, 2007 
Wow, a nice sharp classy bloody nose shot there at LAUPT Drew! Guess I missed the Espee E-units by exactly a decade. This looks like it could have been taken today! (LOL well except for the elevated Gold Line ROW, the new buildings in the background, the absence of the modified Garden tracks, the removal of the palm trees, etc.)
Posted by Carl Kulzer on October 3, 2015 
Nice shot and thanks or posting. I got out to California way to late to see the beautiful Daylight paint scheme. I have to say this paint scheme is terrible. Only Pencentral is worse. I shot a lot of slides in the Cajon Pass area in the 80,s. SP,s units were so dirty I passed up most of them for Santa Fe and UP.
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