Posted by Dean Kaplan on June 27, 2007 
Great catch here Ray!
Posted by Chris Lastovich on June 27, 2007 
Well you did it Ray, good job. The guys and myself were 500 ft. too far west... no time to react. We all witnessed history here...
Posted by Ian M. Contreras on June 27, 2007 
You should've seen my sorry little butt try and run and get this...nice shot Ray...
Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on June 27, 2007 
Fantastic catch, Ray. I was just thinking yesterday "I bet the 844 passed those heritage units somewhere in Iowa today." You brought a picture to my daydream! Well done.
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on June 27, 2007 
Nice catch!
Posted by Mike Bjork on June 28, 2007 
SWEET! Now thats a heritage meet. If only they were real units from the SP, CNW, and DGRW. Nice catch Ray!
Posted by David Tuttle on July 2, 2007 
Fantastic! Gold star to you for getting in the right spot for this meet!
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