Posted by Lee Baxter on August 9, 2007 
More shots like this Peter, This is very nice. Regards Lee
Posted by Peter Reading on August 9, 2007 
Thanks Lee! I was very pleased at the way this photo turned out, considering every other possibility to get this train resulted in backlighting! All turned out well though :)
Posted by Extra West on August 11, 2007 
I love the little cottage out ot the left --- it essentiall makes the shot.
Posted by Trevor Harris on August 17, 2007 
Very nice shot. nice country. I would like to live in that house for awhile, great location for train photography.
Posted by Nick McLean on April 8, 2008 
Glad I read the forums today because somehow I missed this before. Really beautiful! I haven't seen too many scenic shots like this from down under.
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