Posted by Adam Weddle on August 19, 2007 
I wouldn't want to crew that train! Nice shot Chris.
Posted by Michael Edwards on August 19, 2007 
I spent several years working in a "hot lab" and never saw a cask that even remotely resembled these! I'm surprised that they are not identified with any sort of placarding. Awesome catch Chris! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Cliff Cessna on August 19, 2007 
Unique train to catch Chris! I just visited Bulls Gap for the first time this summer... was the DODX train on the Bristol line or the "Natural Tunnel" line to Kingsport?
Posted by Andy Toms on August 20, 2007 
Nice shot! Looks like a really fun job.
Posted by on August 20, 2007 
Beautiful photo! Let's see ... you got your GPS dome, flashing light, outdoor speaker, and, oh - yeah - a FRED for those engineers too young to know what a caboose is all about!
Posted by uprr. on August 20, 2007 
Very interesting shot.Not your every day unit train!
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