Posted by GEORGE REDMOND on September 8, 2007 
Good shot, I like the location.
Posted by Ray Peacock on September 8, 2007 
Awesome series of pictures Michael.
Posted by Mike Bjork on September 8, 2007 
Today, the location is NW 611 should be back out on the rails. Wonderful series of shots. Hopefully you still will remember her horn!
Posted by on September 9, 2007 
I cannot say I recognize any of the houses on the right side, nor is there a mile marker visible, but it looks like several sections coming north out of Chattanooga and appears it could be anywhere from the Hixson area on up to and including Soddy Daisey or Dayton, TN. It looks like you were shooting from an overpass and there is a US 27 overpass just south of Soddy Daisy where it was double track. However, much has changed on that section both as far as single vs. double track as well as from reconfigurations of US 27 itself. So you were 12, which makes you 31ish today. Heck, I'm nearly twice your age having made it to 60 this summer.
Posted by John Whitehead on August 16, 2009 
That's a great shot. I was on that train with a video camera in hand. I might have even been standing in the vestibule when this shot was taken.
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