Posted by Ron Tilley on September 27, 2007 
The Blue C39-8 is an ex Savage Alberta Railway locomotive. It used to have bright orange lettering that said SAVAGE on the nose. Neat little group of engines there.
Posted by Scooter Hovanec on September 27, 2007 
The C39-8 was built as CR 6018 in August of 1986, builders number 45345. The unit then became CSX 7486 in 1999. CSX sold the C39-8's to I believe NRE in 2005. Definetly an interesting shot with some classic GE power.
Posted by Dave Howarth Jr. on August 22, 2011 
To follow up on the C39's sales list, NRE had then sold to group to Savage and in turn Canadian National purchased Savage and sold a few back to NRE, some to PRSX, and scrapped the rest. Sad to see these interesting looking units sent to the boneyard having the chance of not operating again. Great Shot!
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