Posted by Joseph LeMay on October 13, 2007 
"This isn't the train station!"
Posted by Adam Parsons on October 13, 2007 
Now how does a car end up here?
Posted by Charlie O on October 13, 2007 
The AARP still opposes shorter license renewal periods and more frequent testing for older drivers. Makes you wonder.
Posted by Greg Rourke on October 14, 2007 
At least he got the trunk open...that'll help.
Posted by Michael Rhodes on October 14, 2007 
The track he's on looks pretty shiny - how on earth could he be confused enough to park here!!! As a doctor I'd say that is pretty difficult to explain.
Posted by Brian Hiscock on October 14, 2007 
I guess he wants to see how tough that Mercedes really is.
Posted by on October 14, 2007 
I'm sorry, sir, but you can't park here. Huh? I said, I'm sorry, sir, but you can't park here. There's a park here?
Posted by Jeff Swanson on October 14, 2007 
It's not enough just to HAVE GPS, one must learn to FOLLOW its directions as well.
Posted by Cary Milliner on October 14, 2007 
I bet he was mortified when he heard 085 coming. Hell, I would be. But then again, I really don't plan on parking my car on right of way anytime soon either.
Posted by Michael Edwards on October 14, 2007 
He appears to be stepping from the passenger door as if to say "Officer, I wasn't driving. I'm the passenger."
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on October 15, 2007 
hmmm, all the side air bags in the world with a super Mercedes-Benz safety star rating wouldn't save this silver aluminum can from being crushed.
Posted by cjr3559 on October 17, 2007 
That's actually quite sad.
Posted by Kepala Stasiun on October 19, 2007 
Nice catch, Mr. Massie.
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