Posted by Kelly Lynch on October 28, 2007 
Rods are flashing mid-swing, the markers are bright as day, the engineer is leaning out the window, exhaust swirling from the tender. There are lots of great things the eye is drawn to here. Great capture!
Posted by Scott Markloff on October 29, 2007 
Great photo, no doubt Mitch would be proud. I like your effort. Thanks
Posted by Bill Merlavage --- on October 29, 2007 
Thanks for the kind comments....much appreciated.
Posted by BillRogers on October 29, 2007 
Perfection! This photo really captures the sensation of speed - it makes old 734 appear to be going faster than she really is!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 30, 2007 
Nice job, there, Bill!
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