Posted by BJ Bryant on November 1, 2007 
Beautiful composition and perspective. Excellent, excellent shot.
Posted by Alex Ramos on November 1, 2007 
Cool photo, Jim!
Posted by Jeff Mazurek on November 1, 2007 
Awesome work!! Do you ever run into snakes out there? :)
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on November 1, 2007 
Wow you can see for miles!
Posted by Jim Husband on November 1, 2007 
Thanks for the compliments! The only time I've ever had a trackside encounter with a snake was near Stein's, NM, on the Sunset Route. Large adult diamondback, rattling like hell. Have yet to see one myself along the Needles District, though.
Posted by Ken Carr - Vegas Rails on November 2, 2007 
This is more than a great picture, it's a piece of history now gone. Look closely from water towers to equipment. You bagged a excellent photo Jim. I know the spot I just wasn't up to the task of taking a shot from there wish I had thougt of it years ago.
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