Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on November 3, 2007 
Great Shot Pete! If only the steam was real.
Posted by Zach Smith on November 3, 2007 
Posted by W. D. Shaw on November 3, 2007 
Aren't they the most awesome machines ever built? Great, timeless photo!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on November 3, 2007 
The most powerful locomotive to ever be built! Awesome night shot Pete.
Posted by David Garon on November 4, 2007 
Terrific shot, Pete... looks almost like a night in Cheyenne in the summer of 1959.
Posted by John Blair on November 4, 2007 
This is something that is truly special Pete. This picture is a testament to ALCO,Union Pacific and the entire railroading community.
Posted by GEORGE REDMOND on November 4, 2007 
This shot looks like it was taken back in the mid 1950s, Great Shot.
Posted by Chris Crook on November 4, 2007 
So what did Lerro Productions do to bring it to life?
Posted by Scott Locker on November 4, 2007 
This picture reminds me of the black & white O.Winston Link took on the Norfolk & Western back in the 50s. Nice shot Pete
Posted by Nikko P on November 4, 2007 
Best bigboy photo here so far.
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on November 6, 2007 
An amazing work of art in every way!
Posted by on November 6, 2007 
Amazing photo, this loco sure lives up to it's name, BIG BOY !
Posted by TheTeenageRailfan on November 6, 2007 
Incredible photo! For a second, I thought I was looking at another one of those "last days of the Big Boys" shots from the 50s. Shouldn't someone have taken care of the number boards atop the boiler?
Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 6, 2007 
Love the angle and perspective of the photo - makes it look longer. Nicely executed! As for bringing a Big Boy to life: A few thousand watts of light help give this famous park engine some character and dimension while smoke is generated via two types of smoking devices. Many thanks to Steamtown for allowing us access to this engine (last minute) in substitution for other engines that were not available.
Posted by MISSY on December 31, 2007 
Love the UP BIG BOY. Love this shot.
Posted by SD45-Lady on January 4, 2008 
What a great, "tarnished" shot!! This is my favorite unit of Big Boys, the 4012!
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