Posted by NS conductor on December 2, 2007 
wow, its atop a viaduct, i never would have guessed.Fantasic photo!!
Posted by Matthew Hicks on December 2, 2007 
Wow, it took a download and severe editing to notice it was on a bridge, and that was before I read the location and simply thought "Those areas look slightly light..." A very nice picture!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on December 3, 2007 
Awesome Xmas train and night shot Jeff!
Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on December 3, 2007 
Great shot of the Holiday Train, the viaduct sure was a great stopping location for photo's.
Posted by on December 3, 2007 
Kudos to CP for stopping there, and kudos to you for getting an excellent shot.
Posted by JoJo on December 3, 2007 
Posted by PaulJW on December 3, 2007 
Beautiful! I've been to that viaduct many times and never saw a train. It was built back in the early 1900's, but not used much these days.
Posted by ACK on December 6, 2007 
Absolutely fantastic shot!! Paul--though traffic slowed in the mid to late 90's, the Viaduct today is on a quite busy route. On a given calendar day, the Viaduct may see between 6-10 trains.
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