Posted by Stephen Dance on December 17, 2007 
Clean loco, sun, snow, and colour in the background. It all comes together to create a Christmas card scene. Wonder if we'll get decent snowfall (or any snow) this winter in the UK - some chance :)
Posted by John Turner on December 17, 2007 
Very nice indeed !
Posted by Kevin Ashbaugh on December 17, 2007 
Great composition. Very nice shot indeed. Word has it that I will be seeing a few the IC Death Star logos here on the Bessemer in the not too distant future. Not this nice of a lash up though.
Posted by Andy Toms on December 17, 2007 
Great shot Jim. A perfect number 100! I love the snow and the contrasting colors.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on December 17, 2007 
Boy, Jim, you did some serious driving in that lousy weather too. Newaygo on Saturday and Bellvue on Sunday - the photo's were worth it though. Thanks for your efforts.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on December 17, 2007 
Like how the snow is flying off the left side of the engine. Awesome shot Jim
Posted by Scott Marsh on December 17, 2007 
That's an awesome shot Jim.
Posted by John Higginson on December 17, 2007 
Indeed, a fine photo.
Posted by Lee Baxter on December 18, 2007 
Very nice Jim, great colour. Lee
Posted by George W. Hamlin on December 18, 2007 
A classic shot!
Posted by Mike Vandenberg on December 18, 2007 
Wow, that's a great one! Nicely Done.
Posted by Jim Thias on December 18, 2007 
Wow, the week just can I have POTW already? I'm not worthy!! Thanks for the comments, guys. Much appreciated. I think I'm still a bit chilled inside from standing out in the bitter cold and wind waiting for that train.
Posted by Gregory Weirich on December 18, 2007 
Excellent shot. Nice to see the EMD classic bull dog nose out on the mainline.
Posted by Warren on December 18, 2007 
Great photo Jim. Congrats on POTW!
Posted by Hiran on December 18, 2007 
Actually when i' m looking at this shot i can really understand your creative mind. Awesome work Jim. Good Luck.
Posted by Werner Kurpjuweit on December 19, 2007 
A wonderful clean and color photo, with snow effects!
Posted by Jonathon Leese on December 20, 2007 
Very nice, Jim! Wish I could've gotten out to see it. Oh well, there's next year!
Posted by J. Randall Banks on July 26, 2008 
Have been at that spot countless times, my mom lives in Bellevue. That shot is a real winner. The colors of the Elevator stand out against the black and gray of the E units and the snow.
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