Posted by Martin Burwash on December 24, 2007 
Indeed he does. Martin Burwash
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on December 24, 2007 
What a great shot! That is perfect composition, Mike. Fantastic series, I just hope you work on getting that night shot on.
Posted by Nick McLean on December 24, 2007 
Perhaps my favorite winter scene of all time! PCA here!
Posted by Joe Bera on December 27, 2007 
It is amazing how this is able to all come together.
Posted by npapaletsos on December 30, 2007 
Well this is the kind of picture you do not see so often. The train only on a small portion of the picture. But this is what makes the picture so nice. I like the contrast between the green of the tree and I like the river underneath. I can understand that you are not sitting on the safest ground there. Indeed this is a great series. What a great day you had.
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