Posted by Bicot (Marc Caya) on December 29, 2007 
What scale is this train layout? You could have fooled me! Excellent shot Robert. Extra points for getting a turntable in motion in the picture.
Posted by Mike Vandenberg on December 29, 2007 
Just like a model railroad... Awesome!
Posted by Steve Welch on December 29, 2007 
That's truely a beautiful shot, like a Christmas card. Great shot Robert, really great.
Posted by Loyd Lowry on December 29, 2007 
Fantastic shot Robert! I love the turntable motion!
Posted by GEORGE REDMOND on December 29, 2007 
This is a great shot, very nice.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on December 29, 2007 
Awesome turntable action shot Robert!
Posted by Chicago Railfan on December 29, 2007 
Wow, I am getting dizzy just looking at it. Nice job!
Posted by Jim Thias on December 29, 2007 
This is the first turntable-blur photo I've ever seen, and it's definitely a fantastic photo. Great job, Robert.
Posted by Lenny Dunlap on December 29, 2007 
Very cool shot. New meaning to "Lifelike".........
Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 29, 2007 
One more idea I can't get first! Beautiful composition and setting. Very nicely captured. Kudos!
Posted by Donovan Peltier on December 29, 2007 
I was thinking the same thing. 8016 looks like you could pick it up and move her to another section of track.
Posted by Bob Avery on December 30, 2007 
Shouldn't there be a big hand from above flicking the 'table around? Great idea. Bob UK
Posted by Andy Toms on December 30, 2007 
Very nice job. It truly does look like a model railroad.
Posted by Lester Zmudzinski on December 30, 2007 
Nice get! Really captures the scramble to keep scheduled freights on time or close.
Posted by npapaletsos on December 30, 2007 
It looks just like a model layout, but it is real. Even the overhed lights that make the snow so white can fool you to think that this is room light. I just love this picture. Thanks for sharing it.
Posted by Charles Freericks on December 31, 2007 
I have to compliment you on this... It's spectacular.
Posted by Gregg Pullano on December 31, 2007 
Looks like I'm the only one who notices the RENUMBERED SD40-2 #6998 in the top right corner. I see more new engines on the horizon... Very nice picture!
Posted by SeanK97 on January 1, 2008 
Simply outstanding :)
Posted by Harald Schmitz on January 5, 2008 
Klasse, great work, Robert
Posted by Kevin R Wilson-Smith on January 7, 2008 
Very unusual - well done on spotting the potential!
Posted by Jeff Terry on January 7, 2008 
Just fantastic Bob! Why didn't I think of this?
Posted by cj_anthricite on January 8, 2008 
Great job ! Beautifull shot!
Posted by Frank Skrzecz on January 9, 2008 
Posted by Nscalemike on January 15, 2008 
Really nice effort Robert. The image also worked well since your subjects were not illuminated with the ubiquitous mercury vapor lights.
Posted by Dave Howarth Jr. on February 1, 2008 
Now That's BNSF At Speed!! I agree with the others, it looks like a model railroad sighting.
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