Posted by on January 8, 2008 
After a little bit of time on Google, it looks like Great Lakes Steel has a history of rebuilding locomotives at NRE, which looks to be the case with this one - that cab and front end look modified to me. RR Picture Archives (which isn't always reliable) indicates that this units lineage is: NPBL 106; NREX 106; NREX 72, and that it's currently an SW1000 (formerly SW1200). It's a beautiful locomotive - nice catch.
Posted by Greg Rourke on January 8, 2008 
Great shot. Will it ever be this clean again?
Posted by Frank Skrzecz on January 9, 2008 
I need sunglasses! Great shot Joel!
Posted by Patrick Smith (Railwolf) on August 15, 2008 
Wow, that's a gorgeous engine! The cab modification looks good on it, I think. Makes it look bigger.
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