Posted by SD45-Lady on January 11, 2008 
Great meeting on great landscape!
Posted by Bob Pickering (BP) on January 11, 2008 
David, I have admired your photos and you helped inspire some of my Colorado photography when I was out there last May. This is a great shot. Thank you for sharing.
Posted by Donald Haskel on January 11, 2008 
David, this is test of your metal and physical endurance. You have to patient waiting for these meets to materialize. I was up there in 1998 and had to leave because it was hard to breath. It is a shot like this that says railroading today is still fascinating.
Posted by D. Adams on January 12, 2008 
David, Nice shot. With the stop sign being twisted just a bit, It gives the appearance that the Trains have to stop and wait for automobile traffic to pass before they can proceed.
Posted by Joe Bera on January 12, 2008 
Everything in this shot is amazing. Very well done. Enjoy this shot quite a bit.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on January 14, 2008 
Attractive, classic scene, nice.
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