Posted by Ryan M. Martin on January 14, 2008 
Very cool moody photo Matt, almost a natural sepia shot. Plus you got a strange reverse Starlight consist with the baggage on the rear.
Posted by Paul Carr on January 14, 2008 
Wow... thats all I can say. Great job Matt.
Posted by on January 14, 2008 
Fantastic shot. You've got a PCA vote from me.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on January 15, 2008 
That's a dreamy shot, nice capture.
Posted by Ray Peacock on January 15, 2008 
Very cool shot Matt, with lots of ghosts.. (I saw John Roskoski's multi-media show, "Surf and the Southern Pacific" from when there was a working train order station next to the ocean, closed in 1985.)
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on January 16, 2008 
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