Posted by Jordan Herman on January 20, 2008 
Great picture Rich, keep them coming!
Posted by W. D. Shaw on January 20, 2008 
Sad that all that remains of Newfie Iron that I know of at least, (aside from the T'Railway hiking trail on the old RoW) is a few pieces at the Cornerbrook Railway Museum and some precariously leaning equipment on a bit of track at Trinity Loop. A wonderful piece of history forever lost to the asphalt ribbon. At least the Loop itself still stands, albeit somewhat altered to allow the little Ford powered speeders disguised as mini-locomotives to haul tourists around the lake. The one thing I missed on my trip to "the rock" was the sound of train whistles. Just didn't seem right, but it won't stop me from coming bacK!
Posted by Brian Hiscock on January 20, 2008 
Looks like 804 is running intermediate and either 800 or 803 is trailing.
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on January 20, 2008 
So great. Very nice composition of beautiful sky and train.
Posted by Gordon Graham on January 21, 2008 
Wow ! Those EMD export on CNR ! Looks like they are G12 s.
Posted by Brian Hiscock on January 28, 2008 
Those are G-8's actually. Even the "Loop" has been shut down, waiting for a new buyer.
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