Posted by Charles Freericks on January 23, 2008 
A truly wonderful picture.
Posted by Stephen Tripptree on January 23, 2008 
A historic shot of an era gone by.
Posted by Erick Anderson on January 24, 2008 
Seeing older shots like this one is almost like having a time machine.
Posted by BMARK99USA on January 24, 2008 
Classic Americana
Posted by Lester Zmudzinski on January 24, 2008 
Slightly different than it appears today. One has to love the 57 Olds on the left. Wonderful pictorial fossil.
Posted by JDay on January 24, 2008 
It looks like they were a little stingy with the ballast in those days! Look at those cribs.
Posted by Frank Florianz on December 12, 2010 
It's actually downtown Passaic, NJ... and that line was in operation until April, 1963, when the E-L favored the former DL&W line and abandoned this segment. I was actually there to see the last day of service (probably on a Saturday). There was a big celebration with a train stopped there right downtown on the 2-track median ROW. I wasn't quite 9 yet then, and my parents didn't have a camera with them. Things would never be the same.
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