Posted by Roman W Kebalo on January 29, 2008 
Mitch, I love the detail that you can get with your 40D compaired to my Rebel XT, definately have my next camera in mind!
Posted by Steve Carter on January 29, 2008 
You described it well. Definitely worth the click. Lots of texture and intrigue. A PCA vote for me, well you actually.
Posted by Lee Baxter on January 29, 2008 
Nice one Mitch, feels like im there. Lee
Posted by Stephen Klein on January 30, 2008 
The smoke lingering in the background makes the whole thing pop! Great job
Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on January 30, 2008 
Beautiful shot Mitch! And the headlight sure does light up the scene.
Posted by Michael F. Allen on January 31, 2008 
Backlight rocks! Great shot Mitch!
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on January 31, 2008 
I couldn't think of words to describe this but MA nailed it, backlight does indeed rock! Had to throw my shades on for this one. You bring out an often overlooked detail in the headlight of the locomotive and with good reason on #98 as she has an unusually bright one as seen here. If I am not mistaken her headlight stays on 'dim' the majority of the time; one could just imagine what 'bright' would be like.
Posted by on February 1, 2008 
This is a great photo in so many ways - sharp, perfect location, and unique PCA vote!
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