Posted by on February 1, 2008 
Very nice shot. I used to shoot this train around Montgomery, Alabama in the early '70s, and sb was always hours late. Never caught an L&N unit leading. Was this not the Floridian?
Posted by Rich Brown on March 3, 2009 
NICE shot of what seems to be a train that was rarely photographed. THANKS for sharing. I am VERY curious about that wedge shaped brick building with the fading Lafayette sign on the end. Was this "somebody's" station ?? Any info ?? Looks like it would be a great structure to model
Posted by Wayne Hudak on May 15, 2014 
To the unnamed 1st post. To my knowledge when Amtrak started up they continued the every 3rd day "South Wind". In Nov 1971 it was changed to every day service and then renamed the "Floridian". So, at the time of this photo, it's the "South Wind". I live in NW Indiana and by 1973 the Pennsy's track was so bad it's a wonder the Floridian made it out of Indiana at all! It was then moved over to the Monon.
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