Posted by Nick McLean on February 6, 2008 
Wonderful power and location! PCA!
Posted by Ernst Berkhout on February 7, 2008 
What a classic!
Posted by Donald Haskel on February 7, 2008 
Very crisp excellent shot . Too bad these units aren't still in regular use. Thanks George.
Posted by Steve Host on February 12, 2008 
Fantastic photograph!
Posted by Caroline J. on February 12, 2008 
What a beautiful photo! The train, and the surroundings make a truly incredible picture.
Posted by assiuolo on February 13, 2008 
wonderful power. beautiful shot! wow. Bravo!
Posted by Stephen Jones on February 13, 2008 
What a beautiful photograph. I don't know how I missed it, when it was uploaded. Definitely worthy of a PCA vote.
Posted by Valter Jacinto on November 8, 2008 
Beautiful composition!
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