Posted by Darryl Rule on February 21, 2008 
Great shot Mitch. One of your best pans on here in my opinion. I tried a couple of my own this past weekend. Looks like I need to practice some more. Nice work!
Posted by GEORGE REDMOND on February 21, 2008 
Excellent shot, I also think this is one of your best pan shots.
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on February 21, 2008 
Awesome shot and perfectly fitting caption! I'll be the third to say this is one of your best! Looking forward to seeing more.
Posted by Scott Marsh on February 21, 2008 
Mitch that will make one nice print, thanks for showing it
Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on February 21, 2008 
Beautiful shot Mitch. As others have said this is definitely one of your best. Caught my eye!
Posted by Kyle Tribianni on February 21, 2008 
This has to be one of the best shots of 1225 on RP! Very nice, Mitch.
Posted by Run8diesel on February 21, 2008 
Nice work Mitch. You make this look easy to the rest of us!
Posted by Mark Hardin on February 21, 2008 
How did this make it in, the rods are not down! Just kidding Mitch, you nailed it my friend!
Posted by Mark St.Aubin on February 21, 2008 
Posted by Brian Smith on February 21, 2008 
Very well done, nothing like seeing superpower at speed!
Posted by Scott Markloff on February 22, 2008 
You can't see it, Mitch, but I am standing and applauding. This is why steam captures the imagination in a way that diesels often can't (well possibly an ALCO revving up but that's black and oiling, not white and fluffy).
Posted by Alex Ramos on February 22, 2008 
That is a really nice pan shot, Mitch.
Posted by Steve Carter on February 22, 2008 
Outstanding! You did it again!
Posted by John R. Hill - Sonlite Photography on February 22, 2008 
Nice shot! I love steam in the winter. And to see it "in motion?" Excellent!
Posted by Andy Toms on February 22, 2008 
Crisp is right Mitch! This has to be one of the best pans I have ever seen.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on February 22, 2008 
This pan is amazingly sharp, and the steam engine has so much detail worthy of display; you capture it all.
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on February 24, 2008 
Excellent and impressive work. I can't say anythings more.
Posted by Richard Stevens on February 25, 2008 
Superb pan, Mitch.
Posted by cavranger on March 4, 2008 
Now that in Army terms, is what we call "Bad Ass!". Well done!
Posted by - on May 27, 2008 
Love your steam pans! Keep up the great work!
Posted by Michael Link on November 3, 2008 
Wow, I mean that's all I can say, wow. I hope one day I can become a photographer as good as you. Mike
Posted by on October 1, 2011 
VERY crisp
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