Posted by Ross Fotheringham on February 26, 2008 
Great Capture!! I wonder if the crew could see anything? Must have been neat to see.
Posted by Ray Peacock on February 26, 2008 
Unreal shot Richard.
Posted by Emanuel Neiconi on February 26, 2008 
Whoa! That is an awesome capture!
Posted by Kyle Tribianni on February 26, 2008 
Absolutely phenomenal shot, Richard!
Posted by Travis Dewitz on February 26, 2008 
What a catch!
Posted by J J Schrader on February 26, 2008 
Another great shot Scott and a PCA. I love winter!
Posted by Terry Chicwak on February 26, 2008 
Great catch. Love the action of the snow getting scattered into mid-air as you froze the moment. Well done Mr. Marsh.
Posted by Thomas Berry on February 26, 2008 
Wild shot! Can I get one of these to do my driveway?
Posted by on February 26, 2008 
Might as well through it on the front page now! Great shot. Even though we haven't been above freezing in weeks, we haven't had any snow up here in northern MN. Looks like you found all of our snow!
Posted by Chad LaRock on February 26, 2008 
This is one of the best snow blasting shots I have seen this winter. Makes you wonder if they stayed on the rails.
Posted by Ken Szok on February 27, 2008 
Great timing and capture. You got my PCA for this one. Ken
Posted by Bobbie Sue Baker on February 27, 2008 
That's AWESOME! I love being able to see stuff like this when I'm out with my boyfriend. One of my favorite pictures of his is similar to this but not as huge of a spray. Lucky catch!
Posted by Dave Howarth Jr. on February 28, 2008 
Nothing stops CN from getting thier job done, on time! PCA!
Posted by Adam Weddle on March 4, 2008 
Amazing! Looks like a ruff ride.
Posted by Gregory Weirich on March 4, 2008 
Amazing timing. Did you get hit with any of the snow?
Posted by Ryan Parent on March 4, 2008 
Thats awesome! Congrats on a well deserved POTW Richard.
Posted by Ian MacMillan on March 4, 2008 
Very nice! One of the best snow shots this year! PCA from me.
Posted by Andrew Kim on March 4, 2008 
That deserves a PCA Award. Nice job and nice composition.
Posted by Erick Anderson on March 4, 2008 
I have to wonder whether they got bogged down in all that snow.
Posted by Brian Hiscock on March 5, 2008 
Posted by Dave LeBlanc on March 10, 2008 
Wonderful capture!
Posted by James Hansen on March 10, 2008 
Great photo Richard, it's fantastic how you caught the flying chunks of snow as the loco ploughs through them. Keep up the great work
Posted by Kevin R Wilson-Smith on June 5, 2008 
Excellent! Wish I was there!
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