Posted by andy parr on March 17, 2008 
Posted by Adam Parsons on March 17, 2008 
What happened here?
Posted by Edward P. Sarber on March 17, 2008 
Looks like another truck driver cost a railroad a bunch of money.
Posted by Nick Dumas on March 17, 2008 
The train had hit a semi truck at 5:00am this morning. It dragged the truck about a quarter mile until the trailer hit a billboard sign which pulled the engines off the tracks. The truck was full of frozen pizzas. No one was hurt in this wreck.
Posted by Christian Vazzaz on March 17, 2008 
I guess the crew wasn't hungry after this one, they hit a frozen pizza truck, no injuries reported.
Posted by Christopher Anderson on March 18, 2008 
It's not's BNSF!
Posted by TheTeenageRailfan on March 18, 2008 
Even in this case, you never beat the train. It was a tie.
Posted by Pete Reynolds on March 18, 2008 
The railroad has not lost any money in this incident. The truck driver's company and their insurance company however acquired a large repair bill. The truck driver will be making his appearance at a nearby McDonalds soon.
Posted by Brian Hiscock on March 18, 2008 
"It's not's BNSF!" I laughed so hard when I red that, I literally FELL out of my chair!
Posted by Torsten Klose on March 18, 2008 
These will be the most expencive pizzas of the world!
Posted by Dan on March 18, 2008 
If anyone of those pizzas survived, I would be more than glad to assist in the cleanup.
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