Posted by GTW 5922 on April 13, 2008 
Simply spectacular. Nice work Kerry.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on April 13, 2008 
Great Shot!!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on April 13, 2008 
Nice, looks like the real thing! Is that HO or N? Great location and capture.
Posted by Michael K on April 13, 2008 
Outstanding...would look right at home on the cover of Model Railroader!
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on April 13, 2008 
Hey Kerry, great spot there at Wheelon with the S-curve Tunnel (out of picture) AND trestle! I'm going to have to book mark this for my next UT trip.
Posted by Stephen Jones on April 14, 2008 
What a wonderful photograph. Good work!
Posted by John Callan on April 14, 2008 
Great Shot at a great location. It has my PCA!
Posted by Andy Toms on April 14, 2008 
Mitch, it has to be HO, look at the detail. Great shot at a fantastic location.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on April 14, 2008 
Niiiiicccee! I was hoping someone would catch it in the Bear River Canyon, and of course you came through!
Posted by Dave Blaze... on April 14, 2008 
Kerry, Awesome shot my friend! Were you up there with Jim Belmont? I'm so jealous....I've never been into the Bear River Canyone right there. It looks like a model railroad. Thanks for sharing! Dave....
Posted by M.L.Gabert on April 15, 2008 
Profound shot Kerry! I waited 14+ hrs for this to run through S. Idaho, finally at 4:00 am I give up only to find out it went through around 8:00 am. Arrrrrh, win some, lose some.
Posted by hemiadda2d on April 29, 2008 
Fantastic shot--I never knew about the existence of this canyon, but now I gotta visit! Very nicely done.
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