Posted by Doug Wolfe on April 24, 2008 
Nice find. Thanks for posting.
Posted by Kurt Clark on April 25, 2008 
Is it worth saving? Seems to me this car is rolling history!
Posted by Todd Boyer on May 4, 2008 
I took a roll through the hood yesterday to see if I could find these. Finally found them off Avon St. in behind the old Nicor yard. I grew up off of West State St. and kinda figured they were some where in the Kilburn St area.
Posted by on August 21, 2010 
This car was last used on a work train, most likely a wrecking train.
Posted by Dana M. on November 16, 2016 
Sam D. - Just saw this photo and had to comment: Sam D. - Interesting photo, and a lucky find of some old relics of the Milwaukee Road. Todd Boyer - this photo was posted in 2008, I just took a tour of this area via Google Maps, and street level viewing - and in 2016 when the satellite imagery was updated, as well as the street mapping via the Google car - the old Milwaukee Road relics are no longer in this location. The area is bare, and the equipment has either been moved or sadly scrapped. Still - a good find of rare equipment. Hopefully the equipment was taken to the Illinois Museum. I hope so!
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