Posted by Larz on May 9, 2008 
Now this is a picture that has to have an interesting story behind it!
Posted by Stephen Dance on May 9, 2008 
That is just surreal - I love it
Posted by Stephen Jones on May 9, 2008 
Wow. This is a different perspective! Great shot!
Posted by Donald Haskel on May 9, 2008 
This image of a dying highway vehicle in the foreground also caught my eye. A born again railroad in the background serves as a symbol of the future. Some service bureaus still scan large format transparencies.
Posted by Charles J. Renella on May 10, 2008 
The car must be the work of a railfan; the paint is coincidental.
Posted by Chicago Railfan on May 10, 2008 
Good parking job! I hope insurance will pay for that. It did make for a really cool shot though.
Posted by Joshua Bauer on May 10, 2008 
That car was likely very strong. It was able to keep it's structure.
Posted by on May 10, 2008 
Thought this was another sinkhole in NYC, but then I see it was in the desert. Interesting, the car almost looks like SPSF paint!
Posted by on May 12, 2008 
Looks like 59 Mercury to me.
Posted by Ryan Canterbury on May 12, 2008 
Is that a rare thing to see a car in the ground, and 2 NS units in California
Posted by Brian Hiscock on May 14, 2008 
Actually I think it's a conquest[car]. The car itself is still there due to the dry desert conditions. If it were here in eastern canada, it would've been a pile of dust years ago. Great photo, it's no wonder it's POTW.
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