Posted by Stephen Jones on May 12, 2008 
This is really something!
Posted by Billchor on May 12, 2008 
Absolutely Spectacular scene and capture. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by hemiadda2d on May 12, 2008 
Wow. You must have had the shutter open for an hour plus (no EXIF data) to capture this. What a shot!
Posted by Gordie on May 13, 2008 
How Long was the shutter open for??? I LOVE these Time lapse photo's of " The Loop"
Posted by Sean Moran on May 13, 2008 
This exposure was over 24.5 minutes long. Lighting was provided by a first quarter moon and the stray light from Tehachapi and Bakersfield. Cheers, Sean
Posted by peter revell on May 14, 2008 
Fantastic Thanks For Sharing
Posted by Kevin R Wilson-Smith on June 5, 2008 
Very impressed indeed!
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