Posted by Michael Da Costa on May 12, 2008 
Great shot Mike, this picture tells a story of how somber those cold winter nights can really be.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on May 12, 2008 
Great Shot!!
Posted by SeanK97 on May 12, 2008 
Stunning :-) PCA from me,...
Posted by Nick Wilson on May 12, 2008 
Excellent shot!
Posted by Kurt Clark on May 13, 2008 
Great shot Mike!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 13, 2008 
No stars... substitute moving clouds. Superb, Mike. Superb.
Posted by Nicholas O Sullivan on May 13, 2008 
Lovely mood.
Posted by on May 13, 2008 
Beautiful. The blue tones caught my eyes immediately.
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