Posted by Ken Kuehne on May 21, 2008 
Great job! The engineer looking at you would make a great caption contest. Engineer: "No way he pulls off this pan..."
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 21, 2008 
Superb! Why no SC? A difficult shot pulled off flawlessly. Perfect amount of sharpness and blur.
Posted by B.A.Harrison on May 21, 2008 
Very nice shot. Note the motion of the gears. Thx.
Posted by Kevin Madore on May 21, 2008 
Nick, you and Mitch are definitely throwing down the gauntlets on the slow pan. He's got the Cog-pan, now you've got the Shay-pan. I'm taking bets as to which of you gets the first rail-grinder pan!! Nicely executed!
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