Posted by Edja N N on May 27, 2008 
New WESTERN look ... like it verymuch
Posted by David Price on May 27, 2008 
Terrific Shot, Walter!
Posted by Nick McLean on May 27, 2008 
Wow! That's pretty incredible. Is there anywhere else in the US that can claim to have that many locos under steam at once? Thanks for sharing man!
Posted by Kevin Madore on May 27, 2008 
Applause, applause! What a moment! Thanks for sharing it with us. I tip my cap to the hard-working (and incredibly nice) folks at CSRR and to you Walter, for the job you do letting the world know about this living piece of history.
Posted by Jim Barton on May 27, 2008 
Very impressive. Congratulations.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 27, 2008 
Simply superb, from execution to final image - congratulations to you and the hard working crew at Cass.
Posted by Joe Rosenthal on May 27, 2008 
Awesome shot!!! Wish I was there to get the shot, too.
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on May 27, 2008 
You are one lucky son of... :) Fantastic setup and execution, the addition of the crews is just tops! Definitely one of my favorite steam shots of all time. BTW, how long did it take you to get up into the tree? ;-)
Posted by Jim Thias on May 27, 2008 
Not much I can add that the others haven't already said. Thanks for sharing, Walter!
Posted by Loyd Lowry on May 27, 2008 
Wonderful Walter! I don't recall there being a tree near your vantage point, so tell me how much bucket trucks are going for nowadays! :)
Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on May 27, 2008 
Loyd you got it, I was in a cherry picker high above the Cass Parking lot. The lift was being used for maintenance and just so happened to still be around the day of the shoot.
Posted by Randy Johnson on May 27, 2008 
As the saying goes: "One picture is worth a thousand words".
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on May 27, 2008 
Fantastic and fascinated. Welcome to the steam capital city.
Posted by John Dziobko on May 28, 2008 
Great photo, this would look cool in b&w too.
Posted by J.B. Lockard on May 28, 2008 
Way to go, Walter! This makes me proud to be a railfan from West Virginia . The land of mountain RRing and big steam power. From the NS Pokey in the south to The CSX Mountain Sub in the north and places like Cass in between, it's hard to beat WVa as a railroad state. I think Trains shoulda ranked us a little higher than 12th last year.
Posted by Jason Myers on May 28, 2008 
Awesome shot Walter!
Posted by Steve Armitage on May 28, 2008 
Walter, that's a stunning line-up of motive power you've captured. I know how many man-hours must have gone into making such a scene possible and you've done those guys proud by your superb image. A PCA from me.
Posted by Joshua Bauer on June 9, 2008 
I love the locomotives. I love the Shays
Posted by Christian Signorelli on June 9, 2008 
Congrats on the PCA, Walter! If there was any shot of yours that deserved such an honor, it's this one. Now if only someone could talk Strasburg into setting up a similar publicity shot...... :)
Posted by Willie Brown on June 9, 2008 
Very nice indeed. Congrats on the PCA
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