Posted by Mitch Goldman on June 5, 2008 
Neat shot, Caroline. Well composed,too.
Posted by W. D. Shaw on June 5, 2008 
Very nice! Almost looks like it could be a cover shot from Railroad Model Craftsman!
Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on June 5, 2008 
This would definitely be a neat place to explore. Nice Shot!
Posted by Willie Brown on June 5, 2008 
Very nice scene. It looks like the setting of a western movie.
Posted by andy parr on June 5, 2008 
Go for your Geep and go for it slow!
Posted by chris davis on June 5, 2008 
Full marks for getting here. It's a place I've only seen from atop, & would have loved to got down here. Chris, UK.
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on June 5, 2008 
It's great scenery for many western film. Impression at the first sight!
Posted by Jim Barton on June 6, 2008 
Another great photo Caroline. Looks like a spot a young Clint Eastwood would appear out of the shadows.
Posted by Jamey Rickens on June 6, 2008 
At first glance this picture kinda looks like the shot from the movie Under Siege 2: Dark Territory with Steven Seagal, when the switch throws and they cross over to the opposite side of the town.
Posted by Jim Thias on June 6, 2008 
Another impressive train-less shot, Caroline! I could probably spend an entire afternoon exploring a site like this. Thanks for taking the time to get photos like this.
Posted by Jacob P. Klatt on June 6, 2008 
Isint this the location where the scene from Under Siege 2 was filmed when they went into the "Dark Territory". The Porter noticed they were on the wrong side of that river.
Posted by JL Scott on June 6, 2008 
Very interesting shot. It is saddening to see old main lines rusting away in such decrepit condition. NS's Asheville-Spartanburg line over Saluda Grade doesn't look this rough yet, but I am afraid the same thing is happening there.
Posted by Caroline J. on June 6, 2008 
I've been asked now a few times if this was one of the locations used in Under Seige 2. I did find out that much of that movie was filmed in various parts of Colorado. Although I don't know if any specific parts of the movie were filmed in this exact location, I would venture a guess that it's entirely possible. I do know that the small airport in Leadville was one of the locations used.
Posted by Nscalemike on June 13, 2008 
Something about RR's and industrial decay...wonderfully composed image Caroline.
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