Posted by Darren Megowan on June 19, 2008 
Castle Gate is the perfect backdrop for this locomotive. Excellent shot James!
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on June 19, 2008 
Absolutely stunning image and this is definitely the perfect location! It's like a 'what if' look at the Rio Grande in 2008. Very nice work and I'm glad you got the SC for this one.
Posted by Walter Scriptunas II - on June 19, 2008 
Looks like the locations still works to me! Great Shot and congrats on the SC!!!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on June 19, 2008 
It's a "Belmont". Superb!
Posted by Edward P. Sarber on June 19, 2008 
Another stunning image from you!!!
Posted by Praminto Nugroho on June 19, 2008 
I'm stunned! This is one impressive photo.
Posted by Ray Peacock on June 19, 2008 
Simply awesome.
Posted by hemiadda2d on June 19, 2008 
A well-deserved SC, and a PCA vote from me! Wow!
Posted by Timothy Tonge on June 19, 2008 
Great shot, what a combination, DRGW heritage unit plus passenger cars plus Castle Gate plus low sun, PCA vote from me as well
Posted by Ken Kuehne on June 20, 2008 
Isn't it great when a shot that we really want comes to fruition? Great color, great composition, great shot.
Posted by Celyn Rogers on June 20, 2008 
Now that is cool. I like the little windstock in the corner.
Posted by Joshua Bauer on June 20, 2008 
Perfect background showing the Rio Grande locomotive with what the Rio Grande lines went through. Even better, the rare Union Pacific cars with that helper at the end, that is even better due to the fact that that is a Union Pacific heritage locomotive.
Posted by - on June 25, 2008 
Beautiful Shot, James.
Posted by M.G. on August 2, 2008 
Great view James. I love this picture.
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