Posted by hemiadda2d on June 27, 2008 
Thanks for making me miss the Moffat, David... Really appreciate the beautiful shot that has the whole train in the frame.. *grumble, grumble* Seriously, the greeenery is very nice, along with a crystal clear sky. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Maddie Farnsworth on June 27, 2008 
Must have been a windy day, theres no smog over Denver. Neat place, it's one of the few where you can get a whole train in one frame.
Posted by Luke Ansell on June 28, 2008 
Nice picture, thanks for sharing. It's just sad that it had to be a BNSF Freight and not a D&RGW (Rio Grande) freight, but nonetheless a beautiful picture of Colorado at its best (apart from snow season). Thanks again.
Posted by Andrew Matuska on June 28, 2008 
That's just a neat photo, my hats off to you! That's how you turn boring BNSF into interesting!
Posted by Jim Dorst on June 28, 2008 
Beautiful scene. PCA for me.
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