Posted by Mark Schenking on July 13, 2008 
Great shot!
Posted by Edward P. Sarber on July 13, 2008 
Very nice!
Posted by Doug Shaw on July 13, 2008 
Great catch -- nice vantage point and unusual power consist for this train. I'd love to know if this was taken from an overpass or from a building.
Posted by - on July 13, 2008 
Very nice shot Arthur. I was just thinking how I wanted to see some shots of the FEC, and along came a great offering.
Posted by Bob Pickering (BP) on July 13, 2008 
A great shot, this is a consist used when 202 and 208 are combined as they were on July 1st.
Posted by Michael Biehn on July 13, 2008 
Stuart is THE spot on the FEC. You did well on your trip, nice angle.
Posted by Lee Baxter on July 14, 2008 
Very nice shot Arthur, Florida looks very nice. Regards Lee
Posted by Pete Reynolds on July 14, 2008 
I'm thinking this picture was taken from the New Rosevelt Bridge looking from the southbound side. To the right of the tracks is the old US 1 approach to the Old Rosevelt Bridge and on the left of the picture is some fairly new construction.
Posted by Arthur James on July 14, 2008 
Shot is taken from US 1 bridge
Posted by Donald Haskel on July 16, 2008 
All of a sudden Florida seems less boring, Thank you Arthur For posting this image
Posted by Mitch Goldman on July 24, 2008 
I didn't comment on this?? Superb - a ridiculous abundance of colors and detail - love it!
Posted by David Nutter on September 14, 2008 
Posted by wyatt wycoff on September 14, 2008 
Congats on 10,000 views.
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