Posted by John Higginson on July 24, 2008 
Magnificent scene!
Posted by Donald Haskel on July 24, 2008 
These Seaboard Images are beautiful. Excellent resolution and color for that era. Thank you Neil
Posted by Charles Freericks on July 25, 2008 
Really wonderful
Posted by Marty Bernard on July 25, 2008 
Clearly this is how a diesel locomotive should look. The concept sure got messed up along the line somewhere. Thanks Neil.
Posted by Billchor on July 25, 2008 
Wonderful sky, well done.
Posted by Ellis Simon on October 3, 2009 
First time I've seen an E-8 in this scheme. It probably ranks among the best work the EMD styling division had ever done. Shame SAL later opted for the simplified colors with the ultra-light green and single red band.
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