Posted by SD45-Lady on August 14, 2008 
Great composition, Andrew! Thank you for sharing!
Posted by Ken Szok on August 14, 2008 
Great composition and exposure. Ken
Posted by Scott Markloff on August 15, 2008 
Andrew, absolutely unbelievable! Your timing was impeccable, composition and artistry fantastic. A new favorite.
Posted by Doug Wolfe on August 15, 2008 
Super shot. I put this on my Favorite photo list.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on August 18, 2008 
Nice shot, Andrew.
Posted by Steve Carter on August 25, 2008 
I missed this one Andrew. Incredible image. Congrats on the PCA!
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on August 28, 2008 
Andrew NAILED IT!!! With a moving train and a sun setting and your elevation from where the camera was being held, this was not one easy shot to bag. So was it insanely perfect planning or just crazy luck?
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